Goldfish Gives: Card Designs & Online Orders

Below are the designs for this year’s Christmas cards!  Each card will be printed on stock greeting card paper.  Once printed, I will add glitter, rhinestones, foil cut outs, and other fun details to each card.  Every card you get will be just a little bit different from the rest because I will be making each one individually.

If you would like to order online, please send an email to with the quantity of each style that you want.  Please refer to the cards by name (Angel, CandyCane, Gingerbread Man, Presents, Rudolph, Santa, Snowman, Christmas Tree). All cards can also have “HAPPY HOLIDAYS” written on the top instead of Merry Christmas.  Please specify if you want the greeting changed in your email.

One card = $3
10 cards = $20

Once an email is sent, you will receive an invoice with a PayPal link to pay. Simply follow the link and the money will be donated! You will receive a receipt with your cards either in the mail or in person (you and my mommy can talk about that).

All greeting cards are blank on the inside.  The back will have a small blurb stating that 100% of proceeds from this card is being used to bring a Merry Christmas to children in need, and a link to this blog so everyone can follow my progress!

At the end of the project, a transparency post will be added to the blog that will show each person’s contributions (by initials).

Thanks for donating!

angel candycane gingerbread presents rudolph santa snowman tree


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